Our Homebirth Story Part 2


So that castor oil worked… Read part 1 here. A few hours after going to bed, I woke up to a fairly intense contraction and then dealt with the (Sorry, TMI!) unfortunate side effects of castor oil.  Unfortunate side effects aside, by 1 am I was having regular, strong contractions so I decided to wake […]

Our Homebirth Story Part 1

When we announced, along with our pregnancy, that we were planning on having a homebirth, we got a bit of a mixed reaction.  The responses ranged from crickets to “that’s so awesome!” to “but wouldn’t you rather be in a hospital just in case?”  Although a few comments crossed the line, people were generally respectful […]

Christmas 2014


We had a great Christmas this year and hope that you all had the same.  Christmas with a two year old is so much fun, I’m already anticipating Christmas with another little one next December! Our cheesy girl, in her Christmas dress Since we’ve been alternating Christmas and Thanksgiving with our extended families, and no […]

An Artificial Dye Free Christmas


We don’t always follow the “nothing artificial rules” mostly because this mama likes Starbucks and throwing a frozen pizza in the oven instead of cooking every once in a while.  However, we’ve been trying to be much more diligent with our diet, specifically for our 2 year old girly girl, whose eczema flares up when […]

Merry Christmas from The Kochers!


Oh this poor, neglected blog.  All I can say is, PREGNANT.  I blame the baby.  Really though, while I am incredibly happy to be adding a new member to our family, this pregnancy has given me a few new challenges.  I was completely exhausted and sick my first trimester, which thankfully went away after adjusting […]

Goodbye, For Now

About a year ago, after falling in love with a few It Works! products after much searching for affordable, good-for-us supplements, I joined It Works! as a distributor.  I knew I wanted some sort of hobby business, something to help me feel like myself again after a long year of sleepless nights and ‘round-the-clock breastfeeding […]

Celebrating Fall with Apple Picking


Ahhhh, finally; fall!  I’ve been waiting for fall since, well, last fall and the longest winter ever.  The weather gets cooler, but not too cold, leaves begin to change color, apple cider lines the grocery store shelves, pumpkins appear and one of our family favorites, apple picking begins!  We celebrated the beginning of our favorite […]

In Defense of the Crunchy Mama

In Defense of the Crunchy Mama (1)

Those darn, non-vaccinating hippies!  I just want to buy some organic produce and my non-GMO Cheerios from Whole Foods like all the other moms in my neighborhood, but there they are with their kids sneezing and spreading their flu everywhere they go, in their obvious attempt to end the human race. Since I’m already at […]

My Pregnancy Picks

photo 2 (2)

Earlier in the summer, I was asked to join a local cloth diaper store, Cotton Babies’ Mother-to-be-Tea and share how the It Works! line of natural health and wellness products can benefit mothers during pregnancy and postpartum.  I looooove any excuse to stop by Cotton Babies and to share my favorite products, so I said […]

A Birth Story for Labor Day Weekend: Part 2


This Labor Day weekend, women all over the country are rallying in support of Improving Birth and breaking the silence on abuse of women in maternity care and non-evidence based practices.  Typically we (well at least I!) like to think that many things are better and safer in the United States, but tragically, data does […]